What an Exciting Life…

I am continually amazed at what an exciting life I have been living since my recent change in status.

When I get some photos I’ll post them.  In the meantime, may I share?

This petite woman from Montana is learning how to sail! I never knew that I would like being out on the water, but I am hooked!  The feeling of the wind in the sails and how a subtle movement on the tiller can change your direction is addictive.  And to make it even more exciting, I’m learning from world class racer and sailor, Annie Nelson, of America3 fame.

Not only am I learning to sail, I’m also back to doing what I love which is “Massage on the Spot”.  Oh course, now I’m working on those amazing shoulders of sailors and racers instead of musicians.  It is so wonderful to have my hands back in and to find that not only did I not lose my touch, that it is better than ever.

I’ll get photos posted as soon as I can.

What are you doing to live an exciting life?

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