Gwen Lepard, Luminary

Gwen Lepard here for you

…empowers empathic entrepreneurs to evolve beyond limitations and narcissistic /or energy bully abuse. She has a presence that inspires others to live a more open, genuine life with gratitude, self-love, and compassion. As a Baggage Begone™ Facilitator, Author, and Speaker, she helps empaths to release relationship residue, realize self-love and regain their personal power so that they can have the love, peace, and freedom they desire. What she’s most passionate about is helping create radiant relationships that stand the test of time.

Twelve years ago my former husband, a narcissist, told me that I’d never be a leader. That was shortly before years of verbal abuse became physical, I left that day, but it took years to reclaim my confidence, self-esteem, and energy.

Seven years ago I discovered Energy Medicine and the process of Relationship Clearing. I incorporated it with the leadership and breakthrough training that I’d been working with for my own life experiences. When I realized that healthy, radiant relationships began with the relationship with myself things really started to take off.  

If you’re feeling ashamed, anxious and aching from a relationship that still has its hooks in you, you’re a long way from being truly confident, cheerful and calm. I found that before you could develop a radiant relationship with yourself, you’d have to free yourself up, clear away the energy left from relationships that have you frozen in time.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve felt a greater calling to support empaths and feminine leaders that have relationship baggage holding them hostage.  Hence Baggage Begone™ was born.

I began feeling like there was something more that I could contribute. This contribution came as a call to help create relationships that stand the test of time: Radiant Relationships™.

When you have a radiant relationship with yourself your cup is full

When you have a radiant relationship with yourself your cup is full of love, energy, peace and everything in your life becomes easier to deal with. People are drawn to you they want to be around you because you feel good to be around.

When you don’t have a radiant relationship with yourself, you’re stressed out. You react instead of respond in life and business situations. You can have anxiety seemingly out of nowhere and can even spiral down into depression, leading to “medicating” with any number of substances or activities. Overeating, binging on Netflix, alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping… what’s your vice or guilty pleasure?

When someone wants to know more about this work, we get on a call and get clarity on: Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What’s in the way of you being there? Are we a good fit to work together? And do you really desire to have radiant relationships?

My clients say things like:

“I came into this (with) self loathing and feeling really a hopeless mess. Gwen helped me find myself and to love myself. When people tell me they can see my new glow, I know it because of her guidance and teachings.”

“One year ago I was legitimately suicidal and today I can say that I’m genuinely happy.”

“Before I worked with Gwen, I was stuck, full of fear and denial, unhappy in my job, struggling with knowing my value. Now I’m confident. I know my value. The future is mine to command! I’m moving forward courageously for the first time ever.”

As a mentor, speaker and Radiant Relationship Leader, I help feminine leaders overcome relationship baggage, optimize self love and open to their full potential so that they can create radiant relationships.

I’m like a guide-by-the-side that helps you remove the relationship blocks that are creating repeating relationship patterns and keep you from being the leader you feel like you’re meant to be. I’ve been there. I can help you maneuver past the pitfalls in record time so that you can have a radiant relationship with yourself that brings you calm, confident joy.

It’s like I’m the spotlight that illuminates where you’re frozen and helps free you from the baggage that has repeatedly stopped you from creating a loving relationship with yourself. Stopped you from owning your personal power and stopped you from claiming your right to be a radiant feminine leader.

This journey of releasing relationships and loving myself has led me to my greatest passion… helping create radiant relationships that stand the test of time.

When not working with clients, speaking around the globe, creating online courses to empower empaths, or running self-love challenges; Gwen enjoys dancing freestyle, cooking healthy Flexitarian (mostly plant-based) gluten-free, and dairy-free meals and treats, petting the house cats, video binges (rom-coms), and being in nature.

Gwen Lepard Beach Dancing photo by Marcus Bird