Ursula Mentjes Interview

Loved being interviewed by Ursula Mentjes! Having her support allowed me to double my sales and I’m looking forward to the next doubling or tripling!

Watch as we engage in a conversation on how removing relationship residue can benefit your bottom line. I also share a quick energy hygiene clearing near the end so stay around for that.

Step up with DL Walker Interview

Gwen Lepard is a luminary who inspires others to live a more open, genuine life with gratitude, self-love, and compassion. As a Radiant Relationship Luminary, she lights the way to self-love, joy, and worthiness. Learn more about how she empowers empaths, who’ve experienced narcissistic abuse, overcome their relationship baggage, optimize self-love and own their personal power so that they can have the love, peace, and freedom they desire.

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Learn more about DL here:

Shift, Connect & Radiate Keys to Attracting The Life & Success You Want Women Speakers Association (WSA) features expert advice from #womenleaders​ on #WSATV​ shows

Having a life that naturally and easily brings opportunities, joy and feels peaceful might seem like a luxury that is out of reach. But you can have a joyous, fulfilling, and successful life when you address the things that are in the way. Like they say money can’t buy happiness. Getting to your radiance is an inside job. That being said, you may want to consult with an expert who has tools and a process to get you there. Our experts today have revealed some of their keys to creating the mental state that will get you in to your zone of fulfillment, developing the connections that bring more opportunities and clearing the emotional baggage that weighs us down. If you want a power mindset and being free to make deeper connections watch what our experts today share…