As a Healer I Needed Another Healer to Help Guide Me

I was drawn to book private sessions with Gwen after having some PTSD from trauma that happened in my past. I knew as a healer I needed another healer to help guide me through detaching energetically from the past to move forward. 

I was amazed after one session how my relationship with the perpetrator of the trauma changed. I started owning my truth in a healthy way and feeling at peace. What I was completely in awe of was how much my session energetically impacted my daughter’s energy towards her past trauma. Gwen is a highly intuitive and gifted healer. I am grateful she has found her purpose on this planet to help others do the same.

Kim McDonnel

Intuitive healer and author of "You Change, They Change ~ How To Take Control of Your Life by Losing Control Over Others."

"The tools she offers are both practical and magical, real resources for healing and empowerment."

Gwen’s work has been pivotal for me in creating strong boundaries and finding a greater strength to release myself from a draining and manipulative person, and to trust and honor myself and my own truth. The tools she offers are both practical and magical, real resources for healing and empowerment. Gwen herself brings the light to this work, as well as great empathy and humanity. And let’s not forget, fun!

Within about a month of using the tools, I not only found freedom from “my little vampire” but created a space for me to reconnect with someone I hadn’t seen in about three years, and through her I am currently represented by one of the top commercial modeling agencies in Los Angeles.

Burbank, CA

Good Opportunities, Good Health, Money Came In

I first heard Gwen on a session where she practiced being a doctor (Saturn Decrees Training) and her voice coupled with the ease with which she healed the ‘patient’ made me feel like I had sooooo much more to learn.

I was feeling very disoriented, directionless and full of anxiety before I started working with Gwen. In a month, I felt calmer, more grounded and comfortable with not knowing where I’m headed. The minute this happened I was able to attract more good opportunities, good health, money came in and my vibration grew to that of being in gratitude. I saw a world of difference and call this my Gwenformation – transformation with Gwen!!!

She’s brilliant, vulnerable and open to give you the support you need to mould your container!!! I love her special touch with the meditations and the ancient language which aid in my awareness and growth.

Sudhriti M.

Kolkata, India

I actually feel empowered that narcissistic types won’t be able to make attachments to me as an empathic individual. I feel I have more tools to remove myself from attachments and unwanted connections to controlling people.

Dr. Keema Cooper

O'ahu, Hawai'i