Thank you to those who have shared their experiences of working with me.
I am so grateful to and for all of you. I’m blessed to work with extraordinary people.

My former husband and I celebrated our son's birthday recently and it was the best day that we've ever spent together, ever!
Michelle also shared this:
“One year ago I was legitimately suicidal and today I can say that I’m genuinely happy.”
I came into this with self loathing and feeling really a hopeless mess. Gwen helped me find myself and to love myself. When people tell me they can see my new glow, I know it because of her guidance and teachings.
Recently Milly shared that…
Today she’s moved to a better paying position, in a department she dreamed of working in, where they value her and she has a schedule that fits her lifestyle. She feels good about herself, she’s ending relationships that are toxic, and she’s doing things that she wants to whether there’s someone to share it with or not. She’s definitely building a radiant relationship with herself.
I feel okay being myself now. I have a view of my purpose and am no longer dragging my past behind me.
Kaleido Scope also shared this:
“Before I worked with Gwen, I was stuck, full of fear and denial, unhappy in my job, struggling with knowing my value. Now I’m confident. I know my value. The future is mine to command! I’m moving forward courageously for the first time ever.”

Alycia Schlesinger

Over the last 7 years, my intense focus  in my life has been personal development and healing.   I met Gwen Lepard in July just 2 months after my mother passed away.  At the time I was suffering from acute pain in my entire chest and upper spine to the degree that I truly thought I was going into cardiac arrest.  Just shortly before meeting Gwen, I spent the day in the emergency room being tested to make sure it was not physical.

With all results normal and the pain still acute, I met Gwen and she worked with me to release the pain.  I say worked with me but truly, Gwen’s consciousness when she steps into healing mode is a very, pure high level of consciousness that does the work.  By the next morning I was pain free.  5 months later, I just had a tune up with her and in one session, I have been restored to normal breathing.

Gwen is a rare gift on this planet with the ability to allow actual healing energy to pass through her to her clients.  There is no education or experience that could buy or supercede this gift that she has been given, and I cannot say enough about the blessing she is to the planet.

I endorse her 100% as a healer and trust that she is a vessel for deep, profound and miraculous healing to occur through her to any client she works with.

Alycia Schlesinger
M.A. Spiritual Psychology,
Master Practitioner, NLP, Timeline


Gwen has a magical healing touch.  She is very gentle and thoughtful and is comfortable to be with.  It is amazing how slight movements and touches can make aches and pains feel like they are melting away.  Anyone will benefit from a session with Gwen.  – Scott Robinson


After working with Gwen I feel great!  She really made me feel comfortable & relaxed!  Wow!  What a great feeling.  Thank you so much!  – Rebecca S.


Gwen’s compassion and expertise…. her gentleness and knowledge is amazing.  The pain went away instantly and the feelings of serene, calm and light were feeling that I felt from it… so totally relaxed after and actually during the process.  I would totally recommend everyone to have this work done if you want to know what it feels like to be pain free.  – Linda


Gwen was just what I needed!  I had a horrible headache during a workshop and she took me aside to show me her techniques to get rid of my headache. It was AMAZING!!  Thanks, Gwen, for giving me tools I can use anywhere at anytime!
– Kate Van Sprange