Joy… the simplest form of gratitude!

The simplest form of gratitude… Thank you! That says it all to me about Joy.

Having a life that focuses on Joy even when diving into the shadows of life is a life worth living.

Joy is an emotion.  It is a state.  It bubbles up from deep inside you and brings with it a serenity, a calm excitement that can be felt throughout your whole body.

What about the Principles of Joy?  Here are a few… Integrity, Honor, Love, Showing Up… Being Present and of course, Gratitude!

How do you get it?  If you were out searching for the “holy grail” of Joy, where would you find it?   Having joy is a result of living your purpose!

It is true… You have the choice of where your default switch is set.  Do you choose Joy? Or are you choosing some other emotional state that isn’t serving you?  Whatever emotion you’ve chosen… did you know that you can take it off and put it on as you wish!  Yes, truly you can…

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