Living in Courage

Living in Courage is the site… the lifestyle… the essence of my very good friend, Debra Oakland.  If you aren’t already a FaceBook friend of hers, I’d recommend you check out her site, sign up for her newsletter and then go to FB to do a friend request.  I know before too long she will be beyond the limit and won’t be able to accept new friends.

Her friendship, as many can attest, is a powerful force for good, as she is a powerful force for good in this world.  I’ll let her tell you her story.  It’s all there on her Living in Courage site.

In her July newsletter she will refer to the 144 Qualities of Love.  We don’t know exactly who put together the list.  A number of people have claimed it.  When she sent out the list on FaceBook, I wanted to put it up on my wall so I could contemplate on it every day.  The trouble was it was pages long as a list.

I have some graphic skills so I took what she sent me and created a poster. Then I put it up on my wall.

Every day I have looked at the poster and contemplated on at least 3 of the 144 Qualities of Love. Since I began, and this has only been a few weeks, I have attracted a number of wonderful situations that include everything from creating income to the most wonderful new man in my life.  Debra will be including a link to the poster in the July Living in Courage newsletter so get yourself signed up quick!

I’m looking forward to hearing about what you’ve attracted once you get this poster on your wall.

Have a wonderful day and remember… Love is always the answer.

P.S. You can now download your copy from the “Love Poster” link above.


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