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Gwen is an engaging, energetic, and empathetic speaker whose inspiring, illuminating, and interactive style brings her audiences connection, clarity, and confidence.

As an Award-winning, International Bestselling Author, Baggage Begone™ Facilitator, and Creator of the Lepard Method™ this luminary lights the way to living beyond limitations. Having triumphed over narcissistic and energy bully abuse she elevates entrepreneurs and empaths to overcome their relationship baggage, optimize their self-love, and own their personal power while obliterating anxiety on the way.

She’s passionate about empowering empaths to their purpose and provides tools and practical tips that can be used right away to get immediate results as well as benefits for years to come.

Gwen’s Empowering Talks:

Baggage Begone™
to remove what causes repeating relationships so you can be free to attract what or who you want

  • Discover why relationship residue is lingering in your energy field
  • Learn what this residue is and how it affects your health, money, and relationships
  • Identify how to remove it so that you can have more energy and freedom in your life

ABC Anxiety Buster
so that you add more ease, grace, and freedom to your life

  • Discover why the anxiety you feel may not be your own
  • How to identify 2nd hand anxiety
  • Learn Gwen’s Signature ABC Anxiety Buster, 3 simple steps remove most anxiety

Obligation Obliterator™
to relieve anxiety, stress, and obstructions to being free to be you

  • Learn why saying yes to obligations can block opportunities in your life
  • Discover all the different kinds of obligations that hang out in your energy field
  • Identify the obligations that are blocking you and obliterate them