Joyful Living Radio

Gwen Lepard, Host of Joyful Living Radio

It’s been a year now that Joyful Living Radio has been broadcasting on the Amazing Women of Power Network.  Today in fact!  Over the course of the year I’ve shared interviews with some really awesome individuals that are living life Joyfully and had a story to share with you.  I’ve also been sharing the “Be the Sun” system for living a Joy Centered Life.  In March of this year, 2013, I was offered a second show, Joyful Living HEALTH Radio, since my mission is to Ignite, Empower and Heal the Healer in us All, I jumped at the chance.

Life has a funny way of offering us challenges when we least expect it.  Three days after my first show aired, my father passed away from complications of a surgery that was done with the intention of extending his life.

To say that doing two radio shows on top of all the other things I do, seeing clients, doing workshops, attending and running events as the Chief Joy Officer, for Genius Squared (Yes, that is CJO), and then having the grief of losing my father, it was too much.  I was able to complete another show and those shows ran as encores while I grieved.  Occasionally, I’d add another show, but keeping up the weekly program wasn’t happening.

Here it is months later and as I’ve been getting back in the swing of being a radio host, Raven Blair Davis (Founder of the Network) sat me down and we had a heart-to-heart.  You see she lost her mom last year so she said, “Take whatever time you need.” Well, I’d taken more than enough and my heart was with doing the show on Health and Healing.  So where the heck is this ramble going…

Beginning in July, I am combining the shows under Joyful Living Radio.  If you don’t have your Health no amount of money or love can give you lasting Joy, so in order to live a Joyful Life you need your Health.  You will now find me on The Amazing Women of Power Network on Wednesdays at 10 AM and 4 PM Pacific time.  So 10/4 PAC, 11/5 MTN, 12/6 CNT, 1/7 EST.  Does that make sense?  Tune in through the ON AIR button to listen to the show.

The show will continue providing you with a Joy Quote and Joyful Living Action Step  and there will be more great interviews as well and a continuation of the “Be the Sun” system to live a Joy Centered Life.  The only difference is that the focus will be even more on health and healing.  Bringing awareness of how we can be healthy on all levels.

Until I see you on the “air waves”…  Be Well and Be Joyful!