Ursula Mentjes Interview Loved being interviewed by Ursula Mentjes! Having her support allowed me to double my sales and I’m looking forward to the next doubling or tripling! Watch as we engage in a conversation on how removing relationship residue can benefit your bottom line. I also share a quick energy hygiene clearing near the … Read more

From Fascinating to Wellness

Wellness is my primary focus in life. And… I wanted to continue the post that I started back on August 31, 2011 where I shared how fascinating I was finding life. In part because, back then everyday was a revelation in new possibility and tools to help me be well in my mind and emotions. … Read more


Joy… the simplest form of gratitude! The simplest form of gratitude… thank you, that says it all to me about Joy. If you really feel the need to know more about what Joy is, read on…

Life is Fascinating

Don’t you think life is fascinating? It is amazing to me all the changes a person can go through.  More to come… Back in August of 2011 when I first wrote the words above, I was going through transformation in the form of NLP and Hypnosis training. Since then many more things have changed in … Read more

Living in Courage

Living in Courage is the site… the lifestyle… the essence of my very good friend, Debra Oakland.  If you aren’t already a FaceBook friend of hers, I’d recommend you check out her site, sign up for her newsletter and then go to FB to do a friend request.  I know before too long she … Read more

Want a Face Lift?

If someone had asked you if you wanted a face lift without surgery, what would you say? Duhhh, YES!!! Well, yesterday was another amazing day yesterday in my ever evolving life.  I attended a class on Natural Facial Rejuvenation.  The technique was so simple anyone could do it.  Yes, you could do it!  I think … Read more

What an Exciting Life…

I am continually amazed at what an exciting life I have been living since my recent change in status. When I get some photos I’ll post them.  In the meantime, may I share? This petite woman from Montana is learning how to sail! I never knew that I would like being out on the water, … Read more

Little Leopard

Yes, I do know that the kitty on my site is not a leopard, but she’s my little leopard. Anyway, thanks for noticing. Sweet and loving… …she keeps me in line and makes sure I know when the food dish is low.

Hello World… I like that!

I like that… “Hello World!” I know it’s a WordPress thing, but I like it. Not long ago, I was going by a different name.  It was a good name, but things changed and I felt my name needed to change with those changes.  So… here I am introducing myself to the world. Hello, World, … Read more